Our mission

Ferranti's mission is to help entrepreneurs realise their dreams. We do this not only with the use of capital, but by giving them access to our resource and network of contacts around the world.


The team at Ferranti work with smaller companies and entrepreneurial management teams. We bring a full range of knowledge and skills based upon years of entrepreneurial and investment experience with early and development stage companies. Our enthusiasm stems from the experience of working with great teams and achieving impressive results that reward all parties.

We aim to contribute by offering independent thinking on tactical and strategic options.  We are as actively involved as the business requires.  Our only objective being to complement management in order to achieve the revenue growth and value of which it is capable.

We look for companies headquartered in the UK that have the following characteristics:

  • Excellent management team
  • Proven technology/core product or service
  • Some initial commercial traction
  • Business model that creates a sustainable competitive advantage
  • Typically absorbing cash but have a plausible path to becoming cash flow positive

By combining these attributes of a business with our skills and experience, capital and time we aim to create valuable companies that can grow quickly and achieve great success.